Transformational Method Explained

Ways to work together...

1. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I value the importance of identifying imbalances in the body and using lifestyle changes to restore healing and balance in the body. Using functional labs helps us see the big picture of what's going on with the body systems (common labs include: hormones, gut/digestive health, detoxification & nutrient deficiencies). Personalized protocols are created to support simple yet effective lifestyle changes using: nutrition, sleep, movement, supplementation and stress management.

2. Reprogram the Mind

Have you ever wanted to change the way you feel, think, or your act, but you can't seem to do it? That's because the logical mind wants the change, but there's another facet of the mind that's keeping you stuck in old patterns and behaviors. This facet of the mind, the unconscious mind, is responsible for 90% of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, impulses, habits and actions. For most, the mind is running on outdated programs that aren't useful or adding value to their life. This program running in the background drains energy, dysregulates the nervous system, and takes energy away from healing functions of maintenance and repair. Using a Rapid Resolution approach, I help painlessly clear the programs running in the background so your mind is clear and your body can use energy towards healing. When you unlearn what the mind has been programmed, you can take ownership of your mind and create different conditions.

3. Nervous System REgulation

The autonomic nervous system is our self-protective system. Most people today are stuck in a stressed state (fight/flight, freeze, or fawn) and unclear how to cope with stress or past trauma. As a Master Method Coach and Functional Breathwork Facilitator, I integrate other healing modalities like mindset tools, somatic tools, and emotional regulation to regulate the nervous system so the body can use energy towards maintenance + repair. Note: functional breathing (how you breathe each day) is a core component for a regulated nervous system. Peak experience Breathwork practices can help release suppressed emotions stored in the subconscious helping to create a healing inner environment.

To help you better understand my process,

here are some insights into my functional health coaching approach:


A health history questionnaire and multiple lab tests (depending on your main health complaints) are used to uncover hidden stressors and identify healing opportunities. Lab tests are either self-administered at home (stool or urine) or completed at a blood draw site.


By examining the questionnaire and using the lab test results, we can investigate why you’re dealing with your main health complaints like:

  • Weight gain
  • Bloating, indigestion, constipation, runny stools
  • Low energy & fatigue
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Inflammation

Next, the fun begins with a plan of action to meet your health needs- a self-care holistic plan!

WHY:  Disease is on the rise! You deserve to know what’s going on with your body. It can be frustrating when you think you’re doing everything right and intuitively know something is off. I have been there, and so have my clients. In my past I have struggled with a weakened immune system, allergies, weight issues, hormone imbalance, digestive issues, among other personal health issues, preventing me from enjoying life to the fullest.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for this lifestyle, and there is a solution!

Most of your “common” symptoms/aches/pains aren’t “normal” or a “part of getting older” but a result of some type of imbalance or dysfunction occurring in the body. Once balance is restored, those symptoms will disappear altogether, or at least diminish, making optimal health a reality!

If you’re ready to dive into your health story and get to the bottom of your biggest health complaints, for REAL solutions so that you can feel like your BEST self again, then let’s make that happen! I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way! Schedule a complimentary session with me NOW!

Why should you work with me?

Do you have symptoms, like headaches, digestion issues, or weight gain? Are you tired of hearing everything looks normal but not feeling your BEST? When you’re eating healthy and working out but still not seeing results or feeling your best, frustration can take over,causing a feeling of defeat. The truth is the body is complex, and stress within the body causes malfunction known as metabolic chaos.  Internal and external stress can come from everyday life, food sensitives, environmental toxins, and pathogens, to name a few.

 As a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, I strive to find the root cause of malfunction within the body. I focus on correlating main health complaints with lab results by seeking HIDDEN stressors in the body.

Success in any arena is a byproduct of commitment, and I work with clients who are committed to making their health a priority by opting into a self-care model and ultimately becoming their BEST BALANCED selves.  I design holistic, drug free protocols to heal imbalances, help people reclaim their vitality, and unleash their inner badass!