Success Stories


Breathwork Testimonial!

I am absolutely obsessed with Megan and her style of breathwork. I want to listen to the recording every day!

The way she facilitates the session is nothing like what I have experienced before. She was extremely intentional and thorough before we began and once we dove in, the way she structured it, plus her voice paired with her choice of music, was absolutely magic. You can also tell she really cares about each person there and wants them to feel safe and supported.

After the first circle, I left feeling completely relaxed and more connected to myself, which allowed for a flood of new insights to come in shortly after the circle. The only way I can describe it is gentle, yet extremely powerful.

I will definitely attend the circles to come and I highly recommend to everyone – come! No matter what your level of experience is, you will leave with new nourishment.


Breathwork Testimonial!

Megan’s guidance as a breathwork facilitator is nothing short of exceptional. The time she took to educate us and set the foundation was graceful and imperative. The breathwork practice itself contained such a beautiful quality of ascension that time just slipped by as I found myself in a peak state of wholeness and high vibratory energy. My intention for the session was to let go of my expectations for an upcoming event, and this was exactly what happened. The state of completion I felt left everything else so light and easy. No matter where you are or what you have going on in life, this practice will assist you in accessing exactly what you need.


Hands down the best decision I made this year!

Working with Megan has been hands down the best decision I made this year for myself and my growth. The care, the love and the energy that she pours into her work and her clients is truly next level.

I left every session feeling more confident, positive and free of emotions that I had been suppressing for years. Doing this work has done wonders for my well being, my health and my relationships. I’m a better communicator, I no longer feel bogged down with stress or anxiety, and I’ve found my joy again! I feel very grateful to have worked with Megan.

What surprised me the most was the connection that I felt in each session even though they were done virtually. I was a bit cautious about how I would feel with the coaching calls not being in person and sharing really personal feelings and stories but Megan made me feel 100% safe, supported and like I’d been wrapped up in a warm hug. The main reason I took the leap and signed up for this coaching was due to the honest and genuine connection I felt instantly with Megan, she is truly amazing!


It feels like a miracle!

I don’t know how I got so lucky. I used to be scared of food. Now, I’m loving rediscovering some favorites I haven’t dared try in well over a decade. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. I’ve decreased so much inflammation (as an example, for the past seven or eight years, I’ve had an audible “click” in my throat when swallowing. It was gone after 1.5 months into this program), my anxiety/depression has improved, I have less “moody” days, I have more energy, and I am rediscovering a newfound love of the environment and earth, the list goes on and on.

I think the biggest surprise was that I went into this program thinking I had digestive issues and that was the only issue I had. Once those issues were fixed, I was able to take a step back and realize that internally there was so much more going on inside me. I was emotionally twisted up in ways that are indescribable. This experience showed me those things and allowed me to begin working on them. I’m just starting my new life and lifestyle. I can’t wait to keep improving, keep learning, and keep becoming a better version of myself each and every day. This program was one of, if not the most important experience for personal growth in my life.

Mitch Gross

Changed my life!

Wow! Where to start?! Working with Megan has completely changed my life. For years of my life I have dealt with chronic back pain. I reached out to Megan for help because I didn’t want to do surgery. My back pain was at a 8-9 pain level everyday, all day before we started. After just our first session, my back pain had gone down to a 2! I worked with her for just 3 months and feel so refreshed! My pain is consistently down to a 2, and I feel equipped with the necessary tools to be able to manage my stress. We worked through a lot of things that I had no idea I was suppressing throughout my life. She provided education, a listening ear, compassion, support, and so much more in our sessions. By dealing with past trauma, not only has my pain gone down significantly, but all aspects of my life and relationships in my life have improved as well! The work she does is so important and has completely changed my life!


What I gained through our work together is so much deeper than my initial intention!

Working with Megan is such an incredible gift. She inspires me as a woman truly living her purpose. She is a true healer, and will take you where you are ready and willing to go. What I gained through our work together is so much deeper than my initial intention. We were able to balance my hormones, eliminate my blood sugar issue, regulate my stools, and get to the root of some of my core beliefs and struggles. I transformed these struggles them from the inside out. I now have so much inner peace that has positively rippled through all aspects of my life. I can’t recommend her enough!!

Amanda W.